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4 Phase Plan to Bounce Back from COVID-19 & Thrive Forward for Your Small Business

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How do you ensure your small business thrives in this post COVID-19 era?

We can all agree small business has been changed forever. The challenge we face now is how do we set our businesses up to not just survive, but to thrive going forward. To answer these tough questions, we brought together leading local marketing experts to show you a clear path to prepare your business to bounce back and grow amidst our new changing landscape. This Webinar Series consists of four parts covering the essential parts to an effective "digital guerrilla marketing" strategy to success. Our chosen expert speakers have over 75 years of combined experience doing online marketing for local small business. You won't want to miss their insights!


Phase 1: Wednesday June 17th @ 12:00PM

Building Trust Online

Learn how to build trust online quickly and be seen as the only obvious choice for your services locally. Find out how to avoid common mistakes and do this correctly to ensure all your marketing is 10X more effective.

Phase 2: Wednesday June 24th @ 12:00PM

Updating Your Digital Business Card

Learn where to focus your energy to ensure you are found easily online. Know what information is key to optimizing your local business listings for search engines and your prospective customers, clients or patients.

Phase 3: Wednesday July 1st @ 12:00PM

Jump Starting Your Digital Marketing

Learn how to jump start your digital marketing to get your phone ringing quickly. Get straightforward tips on doing this yourself without spending a fortune or investing a lot of your own time to maintain it.

Phase 4: Wednesday July 8th @ 12:00PM

Stepping Up Your Game

Learn the long term strategies for building a sustainable digital marketing strategy. Know when and how to scale up your marketing reach to grow your business to continually outpace your competition.


President & Founder, Wormwood SEO

Woody Hertzog

Founder & CEO, Reputation Igniter

Chris Lollini

Senior SEO Engineer, Wormwood SEO

Molly Onaga

John Howard

Senior Internet Marketing Consultant, Reach Local

With over two decades of experience, John is a results driven, relationship based sales executive with a firm handle on a suite of multi-platform digital products and services. John continually identifies opportunities for his clients to scale growth, successfully leveraging the full capacity of ReachLocal’s digital solutions and technology.

With an encompassing marketing background that includes radio, print advertising and social media Molly set her sights on SEO for the last 10 years, specializing in helping local businesses grow their OWN business - primarily through increased traffic on Google. She has a passion for the individual needs and challenges that every client poses - making each success uniquely gratifying! The ever-evolving world of search and the diversity of clients and industries she's worked with always keep her on her toes!

Nuclear engineer turned entrepreneur, Chris takes a very unique approach to digital marketing. He focuses on helping his clients optimize simple systems to create unparalleled results. He concentrates on helping his clients build bulletproof online reputations leveraging the power of reviews to generate endless referrals for his clients at minimal cost.

His day to day is to develop, coach and lead a successful internet marketing company for new and online advertising, with a focus on search engine optimization. Founding Wormwood SEO in 2008, he hired the best team in the industry with many of the original team serving their long standing clients. He's been practicing SEO since 1999, when the industry was in its infancy. Today, WormWood SEO specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), local search marketing, social media marketing (SMO) and pay per click advertising (PPC).

Senior SEO Engineer & Social Media Manager, Wormwood SEO

An enthusiastic marketer who got her start managing brand strategy at various ad agencies across the states including Dickies, Pacifico Beer, Burt’s Bees, Bang & Olefsun and more. In 2015, pivoted to bring skill set and brand understanding down to a more niche level - working with brands and companies who need someone that understands value of a strong brand strategy and the importance of a digital presence.

Jessica Lorenzen


WormWood SEO is a Seattle based search engine optimization agency, focused on helping clients both locally and nationally achieve greater traffic, digital presence and overall success through Google search rankings. We enjoy working with clients in a variety of industries, and are proud of the work we do for clients and the way we do it! This means custom solutions for every client, and an above industry standard when it comes to the level of personal service, communication and specialized experience you receive when you work with a WormWood engineer.

Reputation Igniter is the result of over a decade of marketing experience and wisdom distilled into the single most potent service its founder could create. The most valuable asset for any business online and offline is their reputation. Reputation Igniter helps small businesses empower their customers, clients, and patients to share their experiences online through reviews to build 5 Star reputations that generate unlimited referrals 24/7 from reviews sites across the web.

ReachLocal, Inc. is an online marketing and advertising provider for small, medium, and large businesses, advertising to consumers in local markets. As a part of the USA Today Network, ReachLocal provides Award-winning internet and mobile Internet marketing solutions to thousands of business clients in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.


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*Tickets are complimentary, BUT the number of tickets is limited!

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